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22 May 2020

After a long hiatus - a blog brought on by Lockdown Boredom

Summary of last - is it really over 6 months?:

Far North Queensland - done
Storm while camped in a Cairns caravan park - awning damaged when a branch fell
Drive down a partly sealed road (20klm sealed followed by 6klm unsealed and corrugated, followed by 10klm, sealed, followed by 8klm unsealed etc. ) to see ‘The Caves’ at Chillago
Noise in roof that sounded like a scuttling animal
Noise ceases
Noise resumes
Noise ceases
Noise resumes after a number of weeks and on our return to Bundaberg.
Animal in hibernation? Paranoia sets in, Glenda convinced there is a snake stuck up in the ceiling area. It would have been from being camped under a tree, that stormy night in Cairns.
Clear out all of upper loft (Luton) area with no sign of anything, and confirmed no gaps where the ‘creature’ could slip through to the living area.
Motor home repair places in Bundaberg - can’t solve this problem
Snake catcher - can’t solve (yes we really did get a snake catcher to come and see if he could get it out)

Bundaberg RV (supplier of same brand motor homes) can’t solve, but can do a deal on a trade in!

Meanwhile the noise was most likely just static as Annette, Helen and Geoff tried to convince us. So go ahead with the trade in!
Repack the new motorhome.

Quick drive down to Victoria in the brand new motorhome
Discover no repair tools, most importantly, no jack or spare wheel winder
Lack of action from supplier - we call them but they never call us with an update

Purchase a new ‘home base’ (little two bedroom house) in Shepparton
Bathroom repairs - two month wait, (now nearly done)

After months of phone calls, and finally a note on their web site, the tyre changing tool kit arrives. We can now head off again on our travels.
Home base car port - done, just waiting on concrete to dry now.
Guess we won’t be going anywhere in the brand new motorhome for a while now

Here is our lovely new ‘snake free’ motorhome parked in Trevors yard:

The new motorhome parked up

OUR STUFF - just some of the stuff we had to repack!

One pile of stuff

Below is the Shepparton house before we had the new carport for Heidi installed:

Home Base

Carport added:

New carport view from front

View from the back yard:

New carport

On the trip down to Victoria we were lucky to catch up with my sister Wendy and Mum, and they got to sleep over in 'Heidi'. Our very first guests in the new 'pet free' home

Mum, Robyn, Wendy

Back to the house - Bathroom - needs a rework!

Pink bathroom from the 50’s

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